Friday, August 21, 2020

Progress Made on Odour Issues

Over the past few days, PCT has been working to further investigate and remediate the identified odour sources at our facility.

Working in conjunction with Metro Vancouver, we initially identified and addressed elevated odour levels at a wastewater pond on site. When odours persisted, we expanded our investigation and identified additional emissions from vents located on top of two wastewater storage tanks.

Due to hot weather and a lack of rainfall, anaerobic bacterial growth developed in the two storage tanks and has been producing a limited volume of reduced sulphur compounds that are responsible for the odour. We have been and will continue to monitor these emissions, which do not pose any health risks at the low concentrations identified in the community.

In response, we have been working with external specialists and taken several steps to address the situation, including treating the water in both tanks to reduce anaerobic bacterial growth and installing a scrubber system with carbon filters to catch and neutralize odours emitted from the tanks. While this countermeasure is in place, it is preventing further odours being released from the tanks.

We are continuing to remediate the water and sediments in the tanks. With the further assistance of external specialists, the water will be treated and tested before being discharged in accordance with our Metro Vancouver permit requirements to the sanitary sewer system. We can confirm that no water has been released or is planning to be released into the local environment. Any remaining solid sediments will be removed and properly disposed of by an independent environmental remediation firm.

PCT will also be conducting a comprehensive review of our current water treatment and monitoring processes to ensure appropriate measures are in place to prevent this issue from reoccurring.

We sincerely regret the impact these odour issues have had on the community and appreciate the public’s patience as we have worked diligently to fully resolve the situation.

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