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Many of our everyday comforts wouldn’t exist without sulphur or ethylene glycol. As international demand for these products grows, Pacific Coast Terminals’ exporting role becomes even more important in the global economy.


Sulphur is, without a doubt, vital to modern life. Some economists say that the more sulphur a country consumes, the higher its standard of living. Sulphur exists in food and medicine, is a building block of life for plants and animals, and is used to manufacture paper, cellophane, paint, textiles and other industrial products.

Sulphur is shipped in one of four shaped varieties, according to customer preference.

Most of PCT’s sulphur is destined for Asia, where it is used in fertilizer production.
This bright yellow product is the 13th most abundant element in the earth’s crust and one of the most versatile and essential raw materials on earth. Sulphur comes from compounds found in raw natural gas. These compounds are extracted as a liquid and then formed into solid sulphur. PCT handles four varieties of sulphur: rotoform, slate, prill and wetform.

Ethylene glycol

Ethylene glycol is a clear, odourless and biodegradable liquid that is also extracted from the natural gas fields. This product is an important base for the chemical and plastics industries.

PCT employees prepare to unload ethylene glycol from a tank car into a storage tank at the terminal.

Anti-freeze, plastic bottles, carpet fabric, fleece and polyester clothing are some of the many products made from ethylene glycol. Produced in Alberta, ethylene glycol is transported to PCT in tank cars via rail. The terminal receives 8,500 cars or 700,000 tonnes of glycol per year.

Because glycol is intolerant of impurities, PCT’s storage tanks are nitrogen padded to keep moist air out. To prevent any spillage, the tanks are surrounded by containment walls that hold more volume than the capacity of the tanks.

 Our relationship with the community and keeping local residents informed on how we operate the terminal remains our top priority.


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Did you know?

1998 - New $18 million sulphur ship loader is installed to protect the Burrard Inlet acquatic environment

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