Environmental Policy

Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd. (“PCT”) supports the goals of conducting its operations in a manner which achieves a high standard of environmental stewardship and protects the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the community. In accordance with these goals, the corporate policy is:

  1. To operate all activities in a manner consistent with safety and health considerations and environmental stewardship;
  2. To establish and maintain corporate controls to ensure that the Company’s policy is being properly implemented and maintained;
  3. To continually improve management of environmental aspects at PCT and to work with government and industry to improve public policies and practices supportive of environmental quality, particularly with respect to the handling and transportation of sulphur, glycol, canola oil and potash;
  4. To comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations as well as take into consideration the environmental requirements of customers;
  5. To operate the Company’s facilities in a manner which is responsive to the needs of its workers, contractors and the community in order to achieve high standards of environmental stewardship;
  6. To develop and implement environmental training programs, as necessary, in order to ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities with respect to environmental protection and to increase their environmental awareness;
  7. To require, where possible, PCT’s shippers and contractors incorporate all prudent measures as may be reasonably and economically necessary to reduce the potential environmental impact of sulphur, glycol and other products handled by PCT in the Port and at its facilities;
  8. To respond immediately to emergencies to protect employees, the public and the environment.
  9. To strongly encourage, and where possible require, all PCT’s contractors to have a formal environmental policy that has as its principal objective environmental stewardship.

Did you know?

We have a Nissan Leaf EV as our Security vehicle, one Taylor Dunn Carrier along with 7 Club Car Carry All’s. They are all electric that the Foreman, Longshore and Staff use to move around the site. So, that’s 9 vehicles that are electric on site. 

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