Site Access Information

Site Access

From these new regulations, the PCT is responsible for accounting all persons on-site, at all times. Registration can either be via swiping a valid Port Pass (with PCT access authorization) at the gate card readers, or by parking at the guardhouse and signing out a visitor pass.

All persons in a vehicle must be registered when entering and exiting the site.

Possessing a Port Pass does not automatically grant authorized access to the site. Only Port Pass holders with pre-approved authorization from PCT will be able to use the card access readers. All other Port Pass holders will be required to sign in at the guardhouse as visitors.

Pre-approved Port Pass holders include:

  • PCT-issued Port Pass holders (Staff, Foremen, PCT Contractors/Vendors)
  • Local 514 Foremen dispatched to work at PCT
  • Local 500 Longshoremen dispatched to work at PCT
  • Union representatives
  • Contractors/Vendors with legitimate PCT or vessel business (shipping agents, chandlers, etc.)

Visitor Access

Any person without a validated Port Pass must be registered as a visitor (with a PCT Visitor badge). Visitors do not have access to the berths (while restricted) unless accompanied by an authorized escort. Authorized escorts include:

  • Shipping Agent representing the vessel,
  • PCT Staff and Foremen,
  • PCT Security,
  • Vessel Security Officer (or delegate)

All escorts are responsible for the visitors they are escorting.

Berth Access

Transport Canada has mandated that all facility/vessel interfaces be deemed as restricted areas. Consequently, both the liquid loading berth (Berth 1) and the sulfur loading berth (Berth 2) will be designated as restricted areas whenever a vessel is tied up (at either berth) and will be locked at all times.
Access to both berth gates will be granted to the above mentioned pre-approved Port Pass holders (via card swipe), and monitored (via CCTV) by a security guard stationed at Berth 2. All persons registered as a visitor and requesting access to the berths will be escorted from a pre-approved Port Pass holder.
Unless required (PCT maintenance, vessel stores delivery, etc.), no non-essential vehicles will be allowed past the gates to park on either berth. All berth-related parking will be in the designated parking areas adjacent to both berths.

Automatic Gate Operation

The berth gates have two modes of operation, “Pedestrian Open” and “Vehicle Hold Open”:

  • Pedestrian Open mode opens the gate 6 feet for 10 seconds, and then closes the gate automatically. All valid card holders have access to Pedestrian Open mode.
  • Vehicle Hold Open opens the gate all the way until the command to close is issued by the guard. This mode is limited to Staff and Foremen only.
Access to Berth 1 or Berth 2

Staff and Foremen: Swiping cards will automatically open gates to the “Pedestrian Open” setting for 10 seconds, after which the gate will automatically close. There is a brief delay before gate opens to allow use of keypad.

To open the gates to “Vehicle Hold Open”:

  • Swipe card at reader
  • Press * 8 # on the keypad to set to “Vehicle Hold Open”. This will hold the gate open all the way
  • Swipe card and press * 9 # on keypad to close gate when finished.

If the guard notices that the gate has been unintentionally left open, he is instructed to close the gate remotely.

Other Approved Port Pass Holders (Longshoremen, Ship Agents, Contractors, etc): Swiping cards does not automatically open the gate; the guard must check the validity of each card ID, and will open the gate remotely only after each card has been validated:

  • Each card is swiped at reader
  • Wait for guard to verify all cards (a few seconds)
  • Guard opens gate to “Pedestrian Open”
  • Gate closes automatically after 10 seconds.
  • Contact the berth guard via intercom for any difficulties accessing the berths.

Egression from the Berths

Normal Egress

All Port Pass holders can swipe the exit reader at either berth to egress from the dock. This automatically opens the gate to Pedestrian Open mode (6ft for 10 seconds) and does not require the guard to open.
Any Port Pass holder can egress from the berths by swiping their card at the exit reader, regardless of whether or not they swiped to get in, or if their card has been approved. If for any reason the gate does not open when swiping the card, contact the guard via the intercom.

Emergency Egress

Both berth 1 gate and berth 2 gates are equipped with an emergency (manually-operated) man-gate in the middle of each gate. If an emergency egress is required from either berth, simply pushing the emergency release lever will open the man-gate (no card reads are required in an emergency situation), and sound an alarm to indicate an emergency situation. The emergency man-gates are only to be used in case of a legitimate emergency, and are not to be used to bypass the card reader system. Misuse of the emergency exits will not be tolerated.

Only use these exits in a legitimate emergency situation.

Vehicle Access

As per the PCT Marine Facility Security Plan, vehicle access to the dock is limited to:

  • Emergency vehicles (as required),
  • Approved ship chandler delivery vehicles,
  • PCT maintenance vehicles (for maintenance delivery purposes only),
  • Other vehicles with demonstrable need (must be approved by management)

No personal vehicles are allowed on the dock.

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