Port Pass Information

What is a PCT Issued Port Pass?

A Port Pass is a photo-ID badge issued by PCT, which conforms to the new Port Pass program, instituted by the Vancouver Port Authority.

Who Can Apply?

CT issued Port Passes are issued to all permanent employees of PCT and any contractors or vendors who exclusively service PCT.
Contractors and/or vendors who need access to PCT, but also service other terminals/businesses in the Port of Vancouver, must get their Port Passes from the BC Chamber.

How to Apply

1. Each company applying for its employees to receive a Port Pass must submit an official Letter of Request to PCT. This letter must:

  • be typed on official company letterhead,
  • list the names of all employees requiring access to PCT,
  • be signed by an authorized representative (i.e. CEO, HR Manager, etc.),
  • be addressed to Pacific Coast TerminalsPlease fax your Letter of Request to PCT at (604) 936-6850.

2. Once the Letter of Request has been sent, please contact PCT at (604) 939-7371 to set up an appointment to process the Port Passes. On the date of the appointment, each applicant must:

  • Submit the completed application form (not signed),
  • Present valid ID,
  • Have their picture taken, and
  • Receive their new Port Pass.

3. Do not sign the application form yet. All other areas must be complete.

4. The completed application form can be faxed to PCT at (604) 936-6850 prior to the appointment, to expedite the process. Note that the original must be presented at the appointment.

5. When submitting the completed form during the appointment, each applicant must present either two pieces of Primary Identification, or one piece of Primary ID and one piece of Secondary ID

Acceptable Primary ID

  • BC Driver’s Licence
  • Any Government Issued Photo ID (Passport, Citizenship Card, Firearms License, etc.)

Acceptable Secondary ID

  • BCID (new digital format ONLY)
  • Birth Certificate
  • BC Health Care Card
  • Any Government Issued NON-Photo ID (Citizenship Papers, etc.)

Expired ID will not be accepted.

6. Once the applicant presents the completed form and the information is verified,

  • The application will now be signed by the applicant,
  • A photo will be taken of the applicant, and
  • The new Port Pass will be printed and issued.

7. A PCT Port Pass for permanent employees must be renewed every 5 years. A PCT Port Pass for contractors/vendors typically will need to be renewed every year, but may be altered depending upon the terms of contract with PCT.To renew an expired Port Pass, the same procedure (above) must be followed for each applicant.Click here to download Notice_New-Port-Pass-Application-Process-2016-Feb-15(52K pdf).

Validating Port Passes for Access to PCT

Simply possessing a Port Pass does not signify that one has a right to access PCT. On the contrary, only pass holders with approved access, granted by PCT, can enter the site.

Since PCT is responsible for the security of the site only pass holders that have been requested access by the vessel shall have their Port Passes validated for access to the PCT berths. Such a request must come to PCT from a shipping agent.

The shipping agents will notify PCT of any Port Pass holders requiring access to the vessels in advance. The Port Pass numbers will then be validated in our system, granting the Port Pass holder access.

Unfortunately, any Port Pass holder who has not requested access by the shipping agent, will not be allowed through the site to the berth.
Port Pass holders requiring access to the site, but not the berths, simply need to request card validation from their respective contact at PCT.

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