In December 2015, PCT began leasing new land for the additional rail track needed for the potash terminal expansion. For the past 100 years, this newly leased area has hosted historical industrial activity that left behind legacy items, such as residual petroleum products and other industrial materials.

During routine construction activity, project teams discovered an area of legacy soil that was saturated with a small amount of tar/bitumen which came into contact with the water upon excavation. In accordance with regulation and best practice, PCT subsequently notified relevant authorities of the incident, including the City of Port Moody, Port Metro Vancouver, Canadian Coast Guard, and Emergency Management B.C., who is responsible for communicating with all relevant federal and provincial agencies. PCT also alerted Western Canada Marine Response, who arrived promptly to the affected area and deemed the release non-recoverable and advised it would dissipate. At present, there are no visible remnants of the release.

Just like our surrounding communities, PCT relies on these waterways and we are taking steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. Following the incident, marine environmental teams swept the project site shoreline to identify any additional industrial legacy items. In response, we also halted all construction activity until the extent of the risk was identified and a mitigation plan was put in place.

Safety, protection of the environment, and the support of our local community are of paramount importance to PCT. We regret any inconvenience to residents and remain committed to building a prosperous and sustainable Port Moody.

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