Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd. (PCT) wishes to advise our community and neighbours that the tank cleaning and maintenance that we started in October on our water storage tanks is now complete.  Scrubbers were used for the duration of cleaning to ensure potential odour emissions were minimized, and all of the solids have since been removed from site and disposed of at a permitted environmental facility.  Odour monitoring also showed that there was little to no odour emitted during the course of the cleaning and maintenance activities.

Both tanks are now back in service, and we are confident that the issues from this past summer have now been fully remedied. We will continue with enhanced monitoring and systems upgrading to ensure that these odours do not return, and that there will be no impact to the public going forward

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by email at, or by phone at 604-939-7371. After business hours please call 604-931-9211.

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