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Due to Pacific Coast Terminals expansion and the level of construction occurring on site, we are unable to provide tours to school groups or community organizations at this time. However, upon request, we can make a staff member available to participate in an in-classroom session.Our locally-developed school program information is still available in written form for your review.

Highlights of the program include:

  • the role of this local business in the Canadian transportation industry
  • how PCT’s products benefit Canadian and global economies
  • real-life applications of knowledge, concepts and issues
  • lesson plan materials including a video, activity sheets, and teacher backgrounders

Programs include:

  • Personal Planning K-1
  • Social Studies 2-3
  • Social Studies 5
  • Social Studies 6
  • Business Education 8 & 10
  • Marketing 12
  • Career and Personal Planning 8-12

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