Please see the follow up to the previous preliminary notice (found below the following update), regarding the November 29 barge incident.   

Last Thursday evening, Pacific Coast Terminals (PCT) was alerted to incident involving a barge operated by Fraser River Pile and Dredge (FRPD), a marine contractor supporting our terminal expansion project. The incident occurred when the barge took on water in one of the hull compartments while moored at the Flavelle Sawmill loading dock. As a result, the barge listed, and approximately 125 cubic meters of dredged sediment being transported onboard re-entered the water.   In response, FRPD and PCT immediately initiated established emergency management procedures. The barge was secured and remaining dredged sediment onboard was safely unloaded at the designated disposal site. We can also confirm the spill was confined to the barge loading area and we are taking additional remedial steps, including re-dredging the affected area to recover and properly dispose of the discharged sediment.   The safety of PCT personnel, contractors, and the marine environment are our top priorities. We will be reviewing and adjusting our operating procedures, as necessary, to prevent this type of incident from re-occurring. In addition, we have engaged an independent environmental services firm to conduct an analysis of the affected sediment to determine what, if any, impact there may have been on the marine environment and help guide any further remediation efforts.   PCT is committed to communicating transparently with our stakeholders. We have reported this incident to Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, as well as notified several key stakeholders, including local First Nations and the City of Port Moody.  We will provide additional updates on the situation, as appropriate, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns at 604-939-7371 during business hours and at 604-931-9211 after business hours.

Preliminary Notice

Pacific Coast Terminals (PCT) would like to provide you with  preliminary notice of an incident that occurred Thursday  evening  involving  PCTs  marine  contractor  Fraser  River  Pile  and Dredge  (FRPD)  (BCMOE REF#183 147) resulting in the discharge of dredge material back into the water.  To this point in time, the senior PCT management team have followed up with FRPD to understand what mitigating steps have been taken to protect the environment. More detailed information will be shared with you as it becomes available and an update will be provided by Noon Monday, December 3rd.

PCT  will  continue  to  keep  the  community  updated  through  our  website.  Should  you require additional information on the terminal expansion and construction project, or if you would like to register a concern with the project, please visit our website or call 604-939-7371. After business hours please call 604-931-9211. Thank you for your continued patience.

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