Terminal Improvements and Modifications

Terminal modifications and upgrades will include:

  • A new railcar unloading station including specialty equipment to unload potash railcars.
  • New conveyor systems to transport potash from the railcar unloading station to the new storage warehouse and from the warehouse to our existing shiploading system.
  • New storage warehouse is proposed to be approximately 85 metres wide, 265 metres long and nearly 33 metres tall. The building will to store up to 160,000 metric tonnes of potash fertilizer sorted into three separate grades.
  • Modifications to the shiploader and conveyors to add environmental covers and provide dust-free loading.
  • Extension of rail track west of the terminal to accommodate trains up to 2600 metres in length.
  • Upgrades to our water treatment system to increase water storage capacity and efficiency with a new storage tank.
  • Deepening of the Port Moody Arm shipping channel to 13.5 metres to improve vessel safety.
  • New tank car unloading equipment to allow top unloading of liquid railcars.
  • Construction of three additional tanks (38 metres in diameter and 15 metres tall) to provide storage for up to 50,000 metric tonnes of food-grade canola oil.
  • New liquid shipping lines from storage tanks to the vessel-loading facility at Berth #1.
  • New articulated marine-loading arm for shiploading of food-grade canola oil.
  • Installation of over 325 metres of floating containment boom to provide vessel containment during loading, as required in our handling procedures

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