Handling Food-Grade Canola Oil


The canola oil that may be handled on the PCT site is a food-grade vegetable oil. Canola is a yellow flowering plant, which produces seed-filled pods that are rich in oil. These seeds are crushed and pressed yielding the high-value oil consumed worldwide.

In February 2014, Port of Vancouver issued a Project Permit to Pacific Coast Terminals (PCT) for the development of a canola handling facility at the existing terminal. The same on-site technology that is being used to handle liquid ethylene glycol will apply to canola oil.

Canada is the largest canola producer in the world, producing up to 15 per cent of the world’s annual supply and contributing over $13 billion to the Canadian economy.

It is anticipated that PCT will handle up to 750,000 tonnes of canola oil annually, on its way to markets primarily in Asia.

PCT Canola Handling System Application

Canola EA Project Review Document

Canola Project – Consideration Memo





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