Clarification regarding PCT shipment of non-toxic soils to South Island Aggregates site

Pacific Coast Terminals (PCT) takes its commitment to the environment and local communities seriously, and the company consistently adheres to the highest levels of safety and environmental standards across all our business operations.

PCT has, and continues to meet, all legal requirements related to the transfer of non-toxic soil from its Port Moody terminal to the South Island Aggregates (SIA) site. We have received all necessary government permits, and the movement of the non-toxic soil from PCT to the SIA site is closely monitored by provincial and federal authorities. While the soil leaving PCT has slightly elevated levels of sulphur, zinc and salt, the soil is tested by two independent environmental consultants and is non-toxic.

While we understand and appreciate the concerns of Shawnigan Lake residents, we want to assure them that PCT follows all established protocols to ensure the safe and responsible transfer of non-toxic soil from PCT to the SIA.

Any particular concerns related to the SIA site are best expressed to the facility’s management and the Government of British Columbia.

For more information about Pacific Coast Terminals operations and our commitment to the environment and local communities, please review the “Community” and “Environment” pages on this website.


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